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Before You Buy a Rug

1. Size and Shape of Rugs

alhambra rug The most common rug sizes are
  • 80*150
  • 120*170
  • 160*230
  • 200*290
  • 240*330
  • 280*380 to 300*400

  • (Length cm x Width cm)

    The standard width of runners is 67cm and 80cm

    To get an idea of what size will best suit your home, we recommend that you use a bed sheet measured to one the above sizes. Lay a sheet on the floor and fold it to one of the above sizes this will provide a good visual guide to the most appropriate rug size. If you can't find the right sized rug for your home we also offer an alteration and made to order service.

    2. Colour of Rugs

    black and white rug

    A rug's colour scheme is its defining feature and with the right combination of colours and design it can be turned into a work of art.

    A rug's colour does not have to match the other colours in the room perfectly.

    Some of the best interior designs feature new and interesting combinations of colours that contrast or compliment the room's colour scheme. So feel free to express yourself - think outside the box (room).

    When you come to Rug Junction bring your colours:bring a photo, a cushion or some paint that will show the colours of your home. This will take the guess work out of your decision and ensure you are matching or contrasting correctly.

    3. Style of Rugs

    Styles range from traditional, floral, contemporary, modern or shaggy. Remember there is no right or wrong, it is your home and a rug adds beauty and style, charm and elegance, personality and pride to any home

    If you have any questions on these three steps feel free to contact Dean at the Rug Junction.

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